Biz Practices Worth Cutting

Owning a small business feels like one big google search.

You never really know what you're doing, do you? What you are an expert in however, is what you've done in the past that has royally failed, and now you're clinging to the mantra, "It doesn't matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get up." (Which amazingly, a quick Internet search will attribute that quote to anyone from Nelson Mandela, to Abraham Lincoln, to Rocky, to Ryan Gosling.)

After a few years in the biz, I have racked up as many bad habits, as pinch-me successes, so I'm now documenting all-the-things for you in my Tell-All Maker Manual. You'll have insider access to all my secrets, resources, and everything I wish I had known sooner.

Until then, here's a quick list of poor biz practices I was making in each of these major categories... 



  • I posted almost everyday.
  • I followed a massive amount of other makers in my space.
  • I stayed logged in.


  • I said yes to good opportunities.
  • I assumed free product was a fair exchange for my time.


  • I didn't pay attention to my hourly rate.
  • I priced based on what others were charging.


  • I wasn't prepared for my work to be knocked off, and let it get in my head.
  • I confronted others when this happened.

Sourcing Materials

  • I waited for huge sales at major craft stores.
  • I worked with a wide variety of brands/colors.

Selling Patterns

  • I held out as long as possible (do I really want to share my work?).
  • I thought that telling people they couldn't resell the finished product would be the best way to protect my work.

Product Photography

  • I tried to use only natural lighting. They say it's the best right?
  • I thought, eh, I'm not a photographer, I don't have the budget, it is what it is, customers will understand.

Creating Listings

  • I offered every product in every color.
  • I packed my listing with every piece of information possible.


    • I wrapped my products in adorable tissue paper before packing them in shipping bags.
    • I didn't use calculated shipping.


    Any sound familiar?
    Stay tuned for the Tell-All release.

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