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Knit Pumpkins

Pumpkin lovers!

Time to live our best pumpkin life 🙌🏻🎃 This month’s DeBrosse Maker Challenge (DMC) is going to be pumpsss. Any kind. Any color. Make em, gram em, tag em #DMC🎃 (you gotttttta include the pumpkin emoji for the hashtag to work). Winner gets Starbucks on me, once a week, thru the end of the year. Yasssssss.

I’m going to jot down a quick + dirty pattern for my pumps to ensure that this is an #equalpumpkinopportunity, but feel free to use any pattern! (For crocheters, Malloo Knitwear has a super cute pattern on her blog.)

Bottom left pumpkin

LB Thick & Quick
10mm 16” circulars

  • Cast on 45 sts
  • Work stockinette in the rnd for 30 rows
  • Cast off by running darning needle thru sts. Cinch closed.
  • Fill taught with polyfil (or: scrap yarn, old tshirts, your husbands cargo shorts that need to disappear, etc.)
  • Whip stitch bottom to cinch closed.
  • Use 1.5yd piece of yarn to work thru middle and around outside to create intermittent creases to get a true pumpkin feel. Pull tight.
  • Use a scrap piece of leather, twine, or knit icord for stem.


Top right pumpkin

LB Thick & Quick
8mm 16” circulars

  • Cast on 16 sts
  • Work garter st for 52 rows
  • Cast off + seam first and last row together to create a tube.
  • Whip stitch top of tube closed.
  • Fill taught with polyfil.
  • Whip stitch bottom closed.
  • Cut 2ft yarn. With darning needle, poke one end thru top to bottom. Work other end from top to bottom as well. With both ends now at the bottom, pull tight + tie. This creates central dent in top, for real #pumpkinvibes.
  • Use a scrap piece of leather, twine, or knit icord for stem.