Crochet Wreath Pattern

November Maker Challenge!

Woot! I'm so excited for this month's Maker Challenge. November tends to be crazy busy, so I wanted to keep this month's pattern super quick + easy. And by super quick + easy, I mean ONE MINUTE. Literally. One minute per wreath. So make 1, or make 100. Put them on your tree, top off your gifts, make them into a garland...whatever you're feeling, girl.

Make a wreath, gram it, tag it #DMC💚 for a chance to win a Starbuck's gift card (I'm picking 2 winners at the end of the month). Dropping my pattern below, but feel free to use any design/pattern/material you want! xx

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I'm listing out exactly what I used in case you want the same look, but any yarn + hook combo will work. It's a great project for using up those scraps :)



(Video available on Instagram in story highlight ‘Challenge’)

  • Leave 5” tail + create a slip knot
  • Work Sc around entire ring
  • Shimmy Sc’s close together to hide ring
  • Cut 5” tail + pull thru final loop
  • Tie tails together in bow + trim


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