Felt Tool Pouch


For the maker on-the-go...


Each pouch purchased is eligible to receive a free tool of your choice, while supplies last. The crochet hooks are classic white acrylic, and the needles are bamboo with clear plastic tubing. These aren't as high end as my standard bamboo/gold/black needles, but are a great set to keep in your purse or nightstand to have an extra pair around.

This wrap pouch is perfect for bundling up your tools en route to your afternoon coffee shop or weekend away. No more loosely tossing them in your bag and hoping for the best.

Pouch features 2 pockets, a top flap to secure tools in place, and a wrap strap.

9.75" wide x 7.75" tall
Felt + Faux Leather
Usage Ideal for bundling the tools needed for your current WIP.

*Note that the wrap strap is the same rich camel color on both, but photographs more accurately on the black pouch.

Curated by DeBrosse  ⨯  benefits orphaned children in Haiti

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