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Now Hiring: Crochet Assistants

Hi! So glad you're here 👋🏽

I'm looking to add Crochet Assistants to the DeBrosse brand. Position is remote, pay is flat rate per project, and hours are extremely flexible.

Assistant will crochet brand new DeBrosse patterns to assist Teresa in pattern launch. Because assistant is working up a pattern prior to launch, sample swatch will be provided for visual, but no final product photos will be available for reference. Assistant must be confident in their ability to successfully read + execute a pattern accordingly.

Hooks + yarn will be provided for each project. Actual hours can be determined by assistant as long as turnaround deadline is met.


You are a great fit if you are...

  • A crochet perfectionist (edges, tension, stitch count, weaving in ends, etc.)
  • A proficient pattern reader (can work without any photos)
  • An efficient crocheter (pay is flat rate per project)
  • Able to gauge crochet time (deadlines will be extremely important)
  • Experienced in taking aesthetically pleasing WIP photos, boomerangs, and stories.

...and familiar with the DeBrosse brand:

  • Long-time Instagram follower
  • Have worked through a number of my patterns


    • Position is technically freelance (not part-time).
    • There is no commitment to a pre-determined schedule or amount of work. Rather, assistant is essentially applying to be called upon when work is available, and given the opportunity to crochet it or pass.
    • Pay is a flat rate, per project.
    • Projects will mostly be blankets.
    • Start date: F/W season. We'll get paperwork setup, and then begin as soon as next project becomes available (1-2 months).
    • Position will commence with a single project. Quality of work, ease of communication, and ability to meet deadline will be reviewed prior to future project commitments.
    • Assistant must be based in the US (for ease of shipping materials + samples).
    • All finished projects will be sent to DeBrosse upon completion (not kept by maker).


    • Flexibility on location + hours.
    • First to preview + work up new DeBrosse patterns.
    • Hooks + yarn provided free of charge. Though sample will be returned to Debrosse, hooks and extra yarn may be kept for personal enjoyment.
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