Become a MasterClass Affiliate

Earn $25 every time one of your friends enrolls. And yasss girl, you can refer as many friends as you want.


It has brought me so much joy to see + hear of your shop updates! You guys are killing it already, and I'm not the only one who has noticed. Your followers seem to be sharing in your excitement too, and have enrolled in the MasterClass after having been inspired by you.

So let's set you up to get paid every time this happens, yeah?


Step 1

Register for a MasterClass Affiliate account. Email address must correspond to your PayPal account in order to receive payment.

Step 2

Registering will automatically bring you to your dashboard (pro tip: bookmark it!). Scroll down to locate your Referral URL. This is designed to track your customer's purchases, so be sure to provide them with this unique link in order to receive your commission.

Step 3

Get creative + start sharing! Incentivize your friends + followers by offering them $25 off their enrollment cost, with coupon code AFMC25.

Here's a few quick + simple ideas to get started:

Instagram/Facebook Post
Consider sharing a before and after of your photos, or simply use the caption to talk about something new that you learned + are so pumped to implement.

Instagram Story
Get real with your followers and talk to them a bit about what you're learning, implementing, and your newfound excitement going into this season!

Instagram Live
Offer a MasterClass Q&A to your followers. They'll have questions (Do you think it was worth the cost? Have you seen an improvement in your shop?) and you'll be the perfect person to answer them.

Blog Post
Spend one Saturday afternoon jotting down your personal experience in the MasterClass, and get paid every time your readers decide to enroll! Feel free to use any of these branded assets within your post.

Craft a simple email sharing your personal experience with the MasterClass and email it out to your squad of readers.

Just tell your besties
We all have a few knitting besties that we always share our favorite tools + tips with. Feel free to drop an affiliate link right into a text or DM.

01 Commissions are technically 8%, which equates to a payout just above $25 USD.

02 Affiliates will be paid, via PayPal, on the first of each month.

03 Coupon code is designed to give customer $25 discount. The Referral URL is designed to provide Affiliate with $25 commission. If only the coupon code is used, Affiliate will not receive a commission.

04 Referral commissions cannot be retroactively applied.