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Pricing Calculator


Designed for crochet + knitwear sellers

Do you know how much you earn per hour? Per product? (hmm)


Are you making as much money as you should be? Could be? (fomo)
Are you downplaying your work because you enjoy it so much? (silly)


Are you scared to ask for what you're worth? (let's fix


It's time to objectively define your pricing, make a profit, and move your business to the next level. Take the guess work out and get back to what you love. This calculator will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Includes in-line instructions to calculate: 

  1. The rate you are *currently* making per hour/per product.
  2. How to design new price points to include your *ideal* hourly rate.

· A DeBrosse™ original template
· Instant download Excel file (PC/Mac)
· Effortless + intuitive
· Make your money back on your next sale.

Enjoy this tool for FREE as part of the

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