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Crochet Hook Set

Coming soon!

Say goodbye to the messy assortment of rainbow colored crochet hooks in your drawer. These chic, ergonomic hooks are easy on the eyes + a delight to use.

  • 16 silver + black hooks
  • 5 complementary silver stitch markers
  • Organized in a black canvas case
  • Super smooth + lightweight
  • Includes the following sizes:
B 2.25mm
C 2.75mm
D 3.25mm
E 3.5mm
F 3.75mm
G 4.00mm
7 4.50mm
H 5.00mm
I 5.5mm
J 6.0mm
K 6.50mm
- 7.00mm
L 8.00mm
M 9.00mm
N 10.00mm
- 12.00mm

Instant download pattern.
Written in US standard terms.

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