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By a maker, for a maker.

The DeBrosse Masterclass is a comprehensive, access-only, online resource, designed to provide you with the strategy, tools, and framework to build a flourishing crochet/knit/yarn-loving shop.

Are you struggling to get that perfect white background in your product photos?


Do you ever wish your Instagram engagement was stronger?


Are your products getting buried on page 12 of Etsy search results?


Are your sales in the hundreds but you're really hoping for thousands?


Are you thinking of your dream job while at your day job?



    I have built my shop from 0 to 100,000+ sales and now I'm sharing with you exactly how I did it. With 20 jam-packed modules and access to over $100 in Maker Resources, the Masterclass is designed to take your crochet/knit shop from where it is to where you want it to be.

    Is it a good fit for you? Grab my FREE Shop Check-Up.

    I'm dropping a few highlights below, but I cannot wait until you see everything I've put together for you. After purchasing, your email address will be granted immediate access to all the content.

    See you in there!


    • Learn how to purchase at a 50% discount + tax exempt.
    • Save hundreds. (I saved over $7,000 my first year alone.)
    • Access a Lion Brand special, available only for Masterclass insiders.
    • This module alone will pay for the Masterclass.



    • Revolutionize your storefront with shots that sell.
    • Achieve high quality photos at home, with an iPhone.
    • Learn + implement my step-by-step photo editing process.
    • Take advantage of must-have tools (under $100 in total).



    • Assemble high quality posts + story content.
    • Achieve an engaged following.
    • Plan, edit, analyze + all your technical Q's, answered.
    • Includes: Story Buttons



    • Objectively define your pricing + protect your profit.
    • Take the guess work out + avoid the pitfalls of market rates.
    • Unpack the myths behind lower + higher prices.
    • Includes: Pricing Calculator


    Product Listings

    • Strengthen your listings + avoid common mistakes.
    • Learn what provides buyer confidence + increases conversions.
    • Get seen in Etsy search results.
    • Includes: Color Chart, Set Template, Reserved Template


    Shipping + Organization

    • Access a full list of must-have tools, including budget friendly alternatives.
    • Automate + streamline your current processes.
    • Optimize your product weights for cost-effective shipping.
    • Includes: Care Instructions Tag


    • Overcome fears + debunk myths holding you back.
    • Current Pattern Sellers: Take advantage of professional resources to update + improve upon your existing process + deliverables.
    • Soon-to-be Pattern Sellers: Launch your first pattern with the help of guided resources.
    • Includes all DeBrosse best-selling templates in the pattern writing category: Guided Notes, Yard Calculator, Pattern Template



    • Implement your brand strategy in the form of: Identity, Mantra, Differentiator, Image, Story, and Personality.
    • Assess your current branding with guided exercises.
    • Name your current customers + learn how to expand to new markets.


    Pinterest, Merch, Kits...

    • and so much more!




      Q  Will I recoup my investment cost?

      I would venture to guess that some of your current seller strategies and/or absence of high-return strategies, are actually costing you money as we speak. The Masterclass is designed to help you pick up money you're currently leaving on the table in a variety of categories.

      • Are you getting all your supplies for 50% off and tax free? (Module 1.3)

      • Are you generating revenue every time you post on Instagram? (Module 4.2)

      • Are you designing your products at optimum weights and sizes for the most cost-effective shipping? (Module 3.1)

      • Are you on the best platform(s) for your business size and skillset? (Module 1.2)

      • Are you properly pricing your products to protect your hourly rate? (Real talk: do you know what you make per hour?) (Module 2.1)

      • Have you intentionally tapped into multiple, strategic audiences or are you just making things (Module 2.3)


      Q  I'm not in the US, will it still be applicable?
      The content of Masterclass focuses primarily on strategy, design thinking, and general frameworks, applicable to sellers around the globe. There are instances that will apply specifically to US sellers, but no module in its entirety will be irrelevant.

      I recommend and link to a variety of tools, but often times the concept and application of the tool is more important than purchasing the exact same item.

      Lion Brand *does* offer wholesale purchasing to International sellers. Exchange rates, International shipping fees, and custom duties will apply, and may not ultimately be cost-effective.


      Q  I'm not in crochet/knitwear, will it still be applicable?
      In order to provide the greatest investment of Masterclass insiders, the content is geared with great specificity towards those in the crochet/knitwear industry (both finished products and patterns). At this time, it is not strongly recommended for those in other industries.


      Q  Is this my silver bullet to success?
      Your success is largely dependent on your diligent, ongoing, and well-executed implementation of the topics covered in the Masterclass. I can only guarantee that I have included the most integral strategies that have worked for me. If you're hoping to add to cart and see an overnight shop improvement, I would kindly ask that you pass on the opportunity. There will be no refunds.


      Q  Can I split or share this content with my friend?

      Nope, BUT, you can get paid when you refer a friend (affiliate program launches soon). Outside of referrals, sharing content, resources, and exercises from the Masterclass is strictly prohibited. Violators will forfeit access to content without a refund.



      All Masterclass content (including Maker Resources), are protected by U.S. copyright and are the property of DeBrosse. It is illegal to redistribute, sell or share any content or files in part or in whole, electronically or physically.
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